Service Policy


• Basic service: means the customer to purchase an electronic product of Zhuoyi, available support services. Shown in the table below:

Service Number


Service Properties

Applicable Products


Hotline, e-mail support service

Year / Online

All products


Product year warranty

Year / Online

All products


Product News Notification Service

Year / Online

All products

• hotline, e-mail support services (Service No. TOONE-S01)
• Purchase a product of Zhuoyi, customers can enjoy free access to the service, the service hours are from Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:00 (except public holidays). The pledge, in addition to working 48 hours per week within the time available to the service, with special emphasis on the customer within 24 hours to respond to the request, and in the shortest possible time to solve the problem.
  The service can provide users with unlimited free national hotline 400-6018880 support or email ([email protected]) support, which help customers quickly and efficiently solve the problem. Commissioner hotline is manned by professional customer service, support process in accordance with the formal acceptance of your question, according to analysis to determine your request, and forwarded for processing engineers. Zhuoyi has experienced technical engineers, the quality of services tracking database, and product testing laboratory fully equipped to ensure that the technical request of the customers to make the most satisfactory answer quickly.
Users in the telephone or email , you must provide the following information:
User name
Phone Number
Product Model
Description of the problems

Note: At the same time, please provide consumers purchase invoices, receipts, etc.
Product one year warranty (service number TOONE-S02)
Purchase a product of Zhuoyi, customers can enjoy free access to the first annual service, the service time is from Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:00 (except public holidays). . Engineers recognized by a customer product damage of Zhuoyi, the   hardware products will be properly packed to be sent or carried a Customer Service Excellence (Note: the cost borne by the customer). Customer service received after the client sent the bad parts in 8 working days to complete the repair work, then immediately send the product to you with good quality, our company isresponsible for the cost.
• Note: For the Engineers of Zhuoyi don’t make sure the fault, or not a customer service center by Zhuoyi, return the product to customers without authorization, does not guarantee the maintenance period. •
• For the following cases, the list does not belong to this service, you need to pay an additional fee:
• Improper use of the user human factors;
• Failed to provide adequate equipment, the external environment;
• Fire, flood, lightning, earthquake or other force majeure events;
• We provide services by non-induced;
• Unauthorized privately open, alteration products.
Product News Notification Service (Service No. TOONE-S03)
Purchase a product of Zhuoyi, customers will enjoy free access to this service. We will mail a free information on the latest products to help clients keep abreast of new products, new product release information, product features, new features, helping customers to better maintenance of the product.
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