Brand Culture

 一 Mission : to create superior value for society and for the nation to create first-class brand.

1.              Everthing we do should be to create value for society ,we are doing every thing in the value of time in the pursuit of excellence. To provide "excellent quality, first class service"is to create value for society; to provide staff development and train talented people, to promote social harmony is to create value for society; for industry innovation is creating value for society; for enterprises to create wealth is to create value for society.

2, We have to build a world-class national brand, "Made in China "to"Created in China " to the change, the struggle for the prosperity of the nation!


二、 Core values: integrity and responsible, pragmatic innovation, a positive development, cooperation and win-win!

1, Integrity and responsible : integrity and responsible is for the individual based on the basic ethical requirements of society, it is also the basic requirements for a market economy that enterprises participate in economic activities,. “Zhuoyi” person is to be honest and trustworthy, honest, commitment, and also the courage to charge the courage to take.

2, Pragmatic innovation: a pragmatic but not rigid, innovative but not of vanity, in the pragmatic basis of continuous innovation.

3, The positive development: a positive attitude and pioneering spirit. Positive attitude will not only help improve individual performance, the entire team has a positive influence; Negative attitude is not conducive to the achievement of individual performance, the entire team has a negative influence.

4, Win-win cooperation: business and customers, enterprises and employees, companies and suppliers, enterprises and society, individuals and groups, individuals and individuals, departments and departments should have a sense of win-win cooperation, to the sustainable development of the common benign. Everyone is good that is really good!

5, The core values ??of our candidates, employers, and educating people, keep people in the key standards of conduct for all of us must carry out to each person's words and acts in their behavio

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